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2009-05-23 09:52 am
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Things I wish had been invented

A kitchen gadget that cooks sausages evenly all the way around without them having to be turned every few minutes.

Oh the other hand though, nom nom nom tasty Saturday breakfasts.
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2009-05-20 01:54 pm

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I think I might be generally using Dreamwidth to blog instead of LJ from now on. LJ is like a ghost town these days apart from the communities. I don't feel like there is any real interaction from my 'friends' list, and I don't like the idea of spilling my heart out to people I know in real life and long-standing online friends, and not getting any responses. It feels a bit like speaking to an empty room but having a camera on me - people can see and hear me, but I can't see them or their reactions. So my Dreamwidth blog will be less connected to my real life, and probably a bit more personal and therefore access list only.

That is all. Oh apart from that I make no promises to post regularly. We shall see.